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Print and Brochure design

You might think that in this digital age, print and brochure design has become less important.

You would be wrong.  

The tactile nature of paper ads, flyers, business cards and brochures, still provide an immediacy that is difficult to recreate in certain situations. Think of the guy waiting in line at a concert, being handed a flyer advertising another venue. Avoiding awkward conversation with his date, having realised too late he brought someone who loves jazz to a punk show, he reads through every word of the flyer…you get the point.

If anything, print has become a gateway, a way to further drive traffic to your online presence. Call us old school but we believe that print most of all, lends a certain legitimacy to a brand, especially for individuals, small businesses and startups.

Print and digital work together, your brand is presented to more eyes, more ears and put in the hands of more potential customers.

See here some examples of beautiful print and brochure design in action, then get in touch for a quote!

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