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The social media agency:

We are a social media agency that perhaps controversially, believes in the power of online interaction, just as much as we believe in the persuasive power of human, real world interaction.

In both, human nature is what drives market forces and gives us a steer on how to engage.

Importantly, the days of traditional SEO and volume based Social Media are gone, replaced with an overarching trend, that of content creation and curation. In this newer era of inbound marketing, great content creates interest, creates discussion, engages and informs. Informative opinion, weighted and authoritative articles in the relevant sector, are what gives a company it’s online credibility, which in turn leads to real world reputation and most importantly, organic lead generation.

  • Firstly, not every social media platform is necessarily worth pursuing! This would depend a lot on the industry you’re in, so initial discussion will focus on which of the many platforms we’re concentrating on. We would not for instance, spend all your resources on Instagram if you’re a Business to Business engineering outfit.
  • The phrase “Content is King” is often branded about these days and we agree, but we also feel that it’s perhaps too simplistic, ignoring all the other aspects of social media marketing, such as focussed engagement with clients and customers, redirection of industry relevant content and online networking opportunities. That being said, high quality content is our focus and underpins all other efforts.
  • We will conduct a thorough analysis of your current social media efforts and make appropriate suggestions accordingly. We’ll focus on things like brand cohesion across different platforms, level of engagement etc.

What does a social media agency do?

These are the steps towards social media success:

1. Create content:

Our team of copywriters can work with you or anyone in your network to rewrite and polish articles on relevant subject matter, edit news items for online marketing, and rewrite informational items that can be marketed online.

2. Curate content:

As well as the above we will scour the internet for industry relevant articles or news items and share these, helping to create the impression of your business having it’s “finger on the pulse” and “being in the know.”

3. Create and manage social media campaigns:

We can, where relevant, run co-ordinated campaigns or promotions, scheduling posts in the run-up to an event or give-away. We can also run targeted Facebook ad campaigns to increase visibility and accrue more “likes”, and/or drive traffic back to your website.

4. Monitor social profiles and engage with users:

Using social media agency monitoring tools we can react quickly to user engagement with tweets, re-tweets or comments. In the event of a subject specialist response needed, we can liaise with you to get an answer. This monitoring aspect also includes spotting, and where appropriate removing comments that are detrimental to your business profile.

5. Reporting and Analytics:
In order to monitor the effectiveness of different content, and in order to streamline strategy, we will do our own daily and weekly analytics using specialist social media monitoring tools.
We then provide you with summary results for the period,  goals and results can be reviewed periodically.
*Other activities can include management of graphics, organisation and use of appropriate hashtags, and collaborating with team members and subject specialists on social engagement cases to determine correct responses.

Each and every situation is going to require a different extent and combination of these steps, so why not get in touch to find out exactly how we can help you.

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