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small business website design

We have been involved in small business website design for startups and fledgling companies ever since we started. Every aspect of your branding culminates here and is beautifully shown off on your website.


Communication has moved online. A great deal of your potential market can be found online. Your first customer touch points should reflect your business and your personality, and most importantly convert passers-by into customers, or better yet, life-long believers in your brand.

We believe great web design starts and ends with the user experience. Beautiful imagery, intuitive navigation, easy access to essential information. All of these contribute to the image you and your business project. Many customers might never meet you in person and your web and digital communications will be the only way they ever interact with you.

Make. It. Count.


Our web design process:

As explained in our section on startup branding packageswe will consult with you to find out where you’d like to be placed in your market, who your competitors are and who your typical customers are.

We then get some reference from you, mostly in the form of websites that you like and dislike, and your reasons why. These don’t even have to be from the same industry, anything goes.

We’ll go away, armed with your logo, other branding elements and some great photography, and come up with the first look and feel for your website.

The exact details will be in your contract, but here are the small business website design packages:

(for complete startup branding packages please see here)


small business website design packages:

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Digital branding assets designed

Apart from your website, a cohesive online presence will include digital banners for your social media pages, different formats of your logo for use anywhere and everywhere, as well as things like a branded email signature.

You’ll see these are included in some of the startup packages, but you can also contact us for a separate quote.

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